Chorus Frogs 2.0

Last spring, two students completed a mini-research project on upland chorus frogs. The results from that project can be seen here and here. Last week, conditions were right to perform another quick experiment dealing with these frogs in one of the same pools. We measured how close to the pool of water we could get before they stopped singing, and then backed away. We then measured the amount of time it took for the frogs to resume singing. The table shows the results from last spring (Sp2012) as well as this spring (SP2013).

We have a lot of the same questions as the research group from last year. For example, do the frogs lose their “boldness” a little as the frequency of people passing by increases? Does this tell us anything about how they avoid predators. If you compared this data with data from a larger pool of water, would they ever stop calling? The data from these pilot studies have provided interesting questions. It may be time for a larger, more formal experiment with chorus frogs.

 Distance to water (feet/inches)  Time to resume singing (min/s)
Sp2012-  20’7″  8.6s
Sp2012-  16′  5 min 10s
Sp2012-  15’11”  4 min 35s
Sp2012-  21′  9 min 8s
Sp2013-  17′  4 min 47s
Sp2013-  12’8″  4 min 50s
Sp2013-  13′  20 min

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