Organic Compound case

Mysterious Death on the Greenway
Instructors at MCC have designed a specific case study for biology students that allows the students to practice metric conversion problems, test for organic compounds, and use scientific inquiry to solve a mystery. The case is built around a deadly barred owl attack that some students observed at the greenway trail section. The story can be found here. The students complete this case in the lab. However, the data is real and was collected at the trail section. Each student group is responsible for analyzing data sets and drawing conclusions. At the end, they are required to submit a report detailing which bird they think is responsible for killing the female barred owl.

1. To learn the math behind metric conversions
2. To learn how to properly test for various organic compounds using Benedict’s reagent, Biuret reagent, Iodine solution (IKI), and Sudan III solution.
3. To learn how to generate hypotheses from data sets.
4. To learn how to design controlled experiments based on hypotheses.


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