Great Blue Herons

Great Blue Heron

This project proposes to study the nesting habitat of the Great blue heron (Ardea herodias) on Lake Norman. There is a specific island that has been identified by North Carolina Resource Commission as a blue heron nesting habitat. This island is commonly called “Heron Island” because of its diverse bird population. This island is protected under the Migratory Protection Laws. These laws prevent people from disturbing these birds and their habitat from April 1st to August 31st. The Blue Heron is listed by The North Carolina Natural Heritage Program as a vulnerable species in the Piedmont. This research will further knowledge of the Blue Heron population and possibly advance the conservation policies on “Heron Island.” Using observational and experimental research science we would like to determine what factors (i.e. species of tree, size of tree, water quality, canopy coverage) cause this gathering of the blue heron.

The following shows some video of herons as well as  some of the things that have been done for herons on Lake Norman:
Live heron nest
Charlotte Observer
Heron Island


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