NewsBits 03- Bugs in Your House and Microbes in Antarctica


Researchers at NC State University surveyed arthropods living in homes and found huge biodiversity. Some of the results can be found here.

A tree frog that was believed to be extinct for 100 years was discovered in abundance in a northeast Indian jungle. The paper published in PLOS ONE can be found here.

If long strands of RNA don’t code for proteins, should they be considered junk? If we don’t know exactly what role DNA between genes plays, should we call them “junk”? This article explores this issue.

Social, but not intelligent? In a paper published in Science on January 22, scientists show that prairie voles console one another in stressful circumstances.

How could a species of beetle help prevent frost on airplane parts? Find out here.

Have you’ve ever wondered about courtship behavior in the mysterious puma? Max Allen explains some of his really cool research here.

Here’s a neat paper on the microbial biodiversity of Antarctica. Could there be implications for how scientists understand the cold limits of terrestrial life on other planets?

Hadrosaurids, the duck-billed dinosaurs, lived in Asia, Europe, and North America. A new study shows they originated in North America.





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