NewsBits 07- Laser-activated hunters and the Origins of CRISPR

If you’ve ever wondered about weird animal organs, here’s your chance to satisfy your curiosity. Learn about 7 animal organs that humans don’t have here.

A woman in Nevada died of a bacterial infection that was shown to be resistant to all available antibiotics in the U.S.  Will the international community realize that something needs to be done or is it too late?

When it comes to intertidal prey, the impacts of coastal bears and raccoons seems to be redundant. Does this mean that in coastal areas where bears have been eliminated, raccoons could fully replace them,?

The story linking Yellowstone National Park and DNA testing is fascinating. You can find a good write-up here.

Why would the fear and hunting behavior of mice be located in the same part of the brain? Scientists have found a way to flip a switch in mice and turn them into hunters.

Another case of parthenogenesis happened with a zebra shark recently. This s not the first time that a female has gotten pregnant without male contact. This process has been observed in species before, including komodo dragons and copperheads. However, it is believed this is the first time a shark has switched from sexual reproduction to asexual reproduction. This particular shark had previously had babies with a male.

Want to learn more about CRISPR? Here’s your chance to understand it in the context of its origins and some of the scientists involved.


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