Campus Ant Diversity 2018

Post by research students (Fall 2018)

During the fall 2017 semester, we conducted ant surveys on both our Statesville and Mooresville campuses. Once again we surveyed ants across six grass plots and six pavement plots. However, this time we only sampled from the Statesville campus. The figures below show these comparisons.

You will notice different compositions from 2017 to 2018. Why is this? Could it be because of temperature differences? On 8/21/17, the average temperature in Statesville was 78ºF (high- 89ºF, low- 68ºF) while on 8/27/18 the average temperature was 69ºF (high-73ºF, low-66ºF). Temperature is probably not the only factor involved. Hopefully, a deeper dive into data will allow us to figure this out.

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