Coyote Data, Thus Far

We have learned a great deal about animal movement and activity patterns from collecting and analyzing pictures in Statesville’s green patches and neighborhoods. If you look at Figure 1, time (24-hour) is displayed on the x-axis while activity level is displayed on the y-axis. Activity level is simply the number of detections (pictures) within a... Continue Reading →


Coyote Misconceptions

The recent coyote attack in Iredell county is unfortunate and sad. Someone lost a pet in a matter of seconds. Human fear and emotions are real and for good reason. The dog was likely attacked with no warning at all. In situations like this, comments like, “What do we expect? We have built houses in... Continue Reading →

Project Yellowstone: A Summer Enrichment Program

In 2002, an old boar grizzly meandered across the road. Not just any grizzly. A wild grizzly. Not just any place. Yellowstone National Park. Several years later, an idea hatched. Yellowstone could and should be used as an outdoor classroom for students. Students need a place where they can learn biological concepts by 1) seeing biology... Continue Reading →

The Amazing Race

On Friday, 5 September, students and faculty from Mitchell CC hosted on of the events for Davis Regional Hospital's Amazing Race. Four-man teams competed in lots of different events throughout the afternoon. For the Mitchell event, participants traveled to four stations and had to identify various plants, skulls, and tracks. Thanks to all the students... Continue Reading →

MCCEE Mapping for the Future

With the help of the 2013-14 MCCEE Mapping for the Future Grant, NRCI continued to serve students by 1) making science relevant; 2) allowing students the chance to be scientists; and 3) stimulating conservation through appreciation. NRCI seeks to connect students to science and nature by providing projects and activities within three main areas: 1)... Continue Reading →

Boys and Girls Club

The following summaries are from Mitchell Community College students that took part in our science mentoring program at the Boys and Girls Club of the Piedmont: Fall 2014 It was geology day as the students created their own volcanoes. The students from the Boys and Girls club competed in two nature games. In the first... Continue Reading →

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