Spring 2017
Congratulations to Paige Garret Jackson for being named Educator Coordinator at Allison Woods Outdoor Learning Center.
Spring 2015
TJ Melvin was promoted to program coordinator at Allison Woods. TJ is responsible for designing and scheduling special programs at the Allison Woods Outdoor Learning Center.
Fall 2014
TJ Melvin and Paige Garrett started an internship at Allison Woods. They were primarily responsible for planning and leading outdoor activities for children.
Summer 2015
Lauren and Makenna also were a part of a research project in the Reitzel lab that tested for the functional consequences of novel morphologies using Nematostella as an experimental model.
Spring 2014
Makenna Gazaille, Madeline Hamiter, and Lauren Sadowski joined the Reitzel lab at UNCC to conduct summer research! Lauren and Makenna used their newly learned skills in PCR and gel analysis to collaborate on a project with Dr. Ron Clouse (UNCC, Bioinformatics) to look at biogeography of species in the Order Ophiliones (aka daddy longlegs).  This research was under the supervision of Dr. Adam Reitzel.
Spring 2013
Billy Hinson conducted aquatic ecological research at the Dale Earnhardt Environmental Leadership Campus at Oak Springs in Statesville, NC. This research included establishing several types of fish shelters in a newly constructed 23-acre lake and also building and monitoring wood duck boxes. The objective is to understand how to properly maintain a healthy and sustainable fish population. Billy worked with wildlife biologist Gene Vaughan. Some of his initial research can be seen here and here.
Fall 2012
3 biology students participated in a research project at Lake Norman State Park (LNSP). The students, under the direct supervision of LNSP ranger Jarid Church, hiked around the park locating two invasive plants, kudzu and English ivy. Once located, the students recorded the coordinates so that park staff could later eradicate the plants.


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