Barred Owl Research Report

This report is a summary of the fall 2012 field research. The students compiled the information and put together the report.  



by Morton There have been very few times in my life that I have been asked to interact with squirrels. Generally, I view squirrels in the same way that the customers I sell pellet guns to view squirrels; adorable tree rats that torment the community of people who enjoy having a pecan tree or a... Continue Reading →

Vegetation Study

by Weber To determine if an area is  suitable habitat for the Barred owl, a number of important criteria must be met. First, is there a sufficient prey population to sustain two or more owls? Second, is there suitable tree species for the owls to roost and nest? Barred Owls prefer dense tree cover and only nest... Continue Reading →

Common vs. Rare Butterflies

The recent explosion of butterflies on the greenway trail has sparked some interest into these insects. Bill Day has done an extraordinary job documenting some species in pictures. Two particular species, the Silvery checkerspot and the Hayhurst's scallopwing, have both been recently observed on the trails, but have different natural histories. Silvery Checkerspot- Chlosyne nycteis... Continue Reading →

Bugs everywhere

August is a good time to see the tremendous diversity of insects on the greenway trails. Whether feeding, flying, or mating, they were out in force.

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