Human/Crow Commensalism?

Some local observations and a quick survey got us thinking about a possible link between increasing bird populations and urbanization. First of all, we have noticed from being outside conducting research the last four years, the crows have seemed to increase each year. Since this was just subjective “data,” we decided to do some investigating.... Continue Reading →


Great Blue Herons This project proposes to study the nesting habitat of the Great blue heron (Ardea herodias) on Lake Norman. There is a specific island that has been identified by North Carolina Resource Commission as a blue heron nesting habitat. This island is commonly called “Heron Island” because of its diverse bird population. This island is... Continue Reading →

Crow Behavior

One research group is currently researching and documenting crow behavior. The first question of this study is, "Do crows feel more comfortable eating in groups?" Students will observe groups of crows and individual crows as they are eating and measure how many times per minute an individual crow raises its head and scans (scanning rate).... Continue Reading →

Crayfish Study Coming This Fall

By Casanova, Melvin, Sierra, and Smart We will be studying the crayfish population and water quality of the creek along the Museum Road section of the Greenway. Our main focuses will be the health of the crayfish population and the correlation between their population density and the levels of pollution in the creek. We will... Continue Reading →

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