Bioblitz 2014: 32 students, 6 hours, 1 campus block, 110 species

Why a Bioblitz? What is a Bioblitz? A bioblitz is an event where people go around looking for and finding all the different forms of life within an area. So what is the purpose of a bioblitz? There are many purposes to a bioblitz. First of all, a bioblitz serves the purpose to spark interest... Continue Reading →


They’re Everywhere, they’re everywhere

By Jedynak Using trail cameras to survey the area, we are hoping to get a snapshot of some of the predators that frequent the greenway. In one particular study, we set up fake bird nests on the ground at our different plots. Each “nest” had a camera aimed at it to survey potential nest predators.... Continue Reading →

Changing heron behavior?

By Lindstedt and Gazaille Last fall, we began a research project that involved studying the behavior of the Great Blue Heron and it’s nesting habitat. We have made several trips to what is known as “Heron Island” on Lake Norman. Our first objective was to record baseline data, which included counting the nests in each... Continue Reading →

Bird diversity

By Monroe, Ellis, Dufresne *This is a follow-up to the previous post Surprisingly, many bird species populate the Statesville, NC area. Currently we are taking an inventory of bird species along a section of a greenway trail. We are conducting a point count, which means we are traveling to four locations along our greenway transect.... Continue Reading →

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