DNA Barcoding-> What is it?

How do we identify different species? One obvious way is morphology, the way an organism looks. This may include size, shape, and body color. Field guides or internet sites could be used to help identify a particular organism this way. However, what about organisms, like insects, that are often hard to identify strictly by morphology?... Continue Reading →


The Ecology of Fear, Part IV

Since coyotes do inhabit neighborhoods and other urban environments, humans must learn how best to live with them. In Part I of this series, we looked at the specific coyote "problem" in Iredell County. In Part II, we learned about the natural history of coyotes, and in  Part III we attempted to clear up misconceptions... Continue Reading →

The Ecology of Fear, Part III

This is Part III of a series on coyotes. Part I can be found here and Part II here. Native stories about coyotes tend to focus on their mischievous and cunning behavior as well as their apparent lack of morals. Coyotes have faced intense pressure from hunters, dating back to when Europeans  first arrived in... Continue Reading →

The Ecology of Fear, Part II

You could not have asked for a better morning in the valley they call the Lamar. The air was cool and crisp with a slight breeze that had a "bite" to it. All was well because we had plenty of clothes and coffee. However, it did not take us long to realize that all may... Continue Reading →

The Ecology of Fear, Part I

"Coyotes are wreaking havoc in one area county...attacking animals and scaring people." Ecologists describe "ecology of fear" as prey behavior changing due to the presence of predators (Ripple 2004). For example, the presence of wolves in a certain area may cause the elk not to stay and forage as long as they would if the wolves were... Continue Reading →


What a beautiful morning! As I traveled across Philadelphia’s new Girard Avenue Bridge towards Fairmont Park, my pace quickened. This area was jammed packed. All bridges were filled with trains, steam and horse-drawn street cars, carriages, cabs, and pedestrians. They, like myself, were making their way towards America’s first world fair. Surely this May 10th,... Continue Reading →

The Search for Shortia

The Local Collector Mordecai Hyams fell to his knees out of exhaustion. His son, George, tried to help his father, but couldn't manage to pull him up. Their job was simple: collect various flowers, record any important information, and take the specimens back to the warehouse. George was worried because the two had not collected... Continue Reading →

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