Crayfish Study Coming This Fall

By Casanova, Melvin, Sierra, and Smart We will be studying the crayfish population and water quality of the creek along the Museum Road section of the Greenway. Our main focuses will be the health of the crayfish population and the correlation between their population density and the levels of pollution in the creek. We will... Continue Reading →


Aquatic Ecology Research- Part II

Here are some of our latest project photos. The photo of me standing in the lake bed with the long white pole was taken when we were surveying the depth at one of the locations for our cribs. Then we carried them to the sites with the skid steer and set them. Last Friday we... Continue Reading →

Aquatic Ecology Research- Part I

This this part 1 of a series of posts that will document a specific student's research project. B. Hinson, a student at MCC, is in the initial stages of building a lake at the Dale Earnhardt Leadership Campus at Oak Springs. He will be conducting aquatic ecological research. This research will include establishing several types... Continue Reading →

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