What’s the deal with fiddler crabs?

We have a new case study lesson that was published last week over at the National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science. The center is run through the University of Buffalo and is supported by the National Science Foundation. This collection is very beneficial to any science teacher, and I encourage you to look... Continue Reading →


Organic Compound case

Mysterious Death on the Greenway Instructors at MCC have designed a specific case study for biology students that allows the students to practice metric conversion problems, test for organic compounds, and use scientific inquiry to solve a mystery. The case is built around a deadly barred owl attack that some students observed at the greenway... Continue Reading →

The Return of Canis lupus case study

The Return of Canis lupus Although gray wolves once freely roamed North America, the gradual loss of their habitat from westward expansion and extermination programs led to their demise in the early 20th century. Many argue that predators such as wolves benefit a functioning ecosystem. In 1995, following years of extensive planning and controversy, wolves... Continue Reading →

Termite activity

Termites This research activity will allow students to test the consumption rates of landscape mulches by subterranean termites. Students will test what happens to the consumption rates after the termites spend time in a flooded environment.

Tree ID project

Campus Tree ID Instructors have designed a dichotomous key specific to trees on and around the Mitchell campus. During this activity, botany students have to apply the knowledge that they have learned in class to identify various species of trees and shrubs. Some of the terms that students are required to know include the following:... Continue Reading →

Botany project

Plant Research Project This project is designed for botany students to complete and present to their classmates.


Kudz-who? This case was designed for a biology or botany class. Students will learn about some of the problems with invasive species.

Evolution case

One Rare Plant, a Small Town, and the Cornerstone of Biology This case was designed for general biology, environmental biology, and botany classes. Students will learn about the discovery of a special plant by a scientist from Statesville, NC and how it is connected to Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution.

Zoology project

Zoology Project This project, designed for zoology students, allows students to be creative as they design the "perfect" animal.

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