Crayfish Study Coming This Fall

By Casanova, Melvin, Sierra, and Smart We will be studying the crayfish population and water quality of the creek along the Museum Road section of the Greenway. Our main focuses will be the health of the crayfish population and the correlation between their population density and the levels of pollution in the creek. We will... Continue Reading →


Common vs. Rare Butterflies

The recent explosion of butterflies on the greenway trail has sparked some interest into these insects. Bill Day has done an extraordinary job documenting some species in pictures. Two particular species, the Silvery checkerspot and the Hayhurst's scallopwing, have both been recently observed on the trails, but have different natural histories. Silvery Checkerspot- Chlosyne nycteis... Continue Reading →

Bugs everywhere

August is a good time to see the tremendous diversity of insects on the greenway trails. Whether feeding, flying, or mating, they were out in force.

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