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Laying the Foundation

By the late 18th century, scientists knew very precisely the dimensions of the Earth and its distance from the sun and planets. You might think that determining the age of the Earth would be relatively straightforward. However, humans would split … Continue reading

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Project Yellowstone: A Summer Enrichment Program

In 2002, an old boar grizzly meandered across the road. Not just any grizzly. A wild grizzly. Not just any place. Yellowstone National Park. Several years later, an idea hatched. Yellowstone could and should be used as an outdoor classroom for … Continue reading

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Unexpected Benefits

In the 1960’s, Robert Paine began prying starfish off of rocks and tossing them into the ocean as far as he could. In doing so, he was testing the importance of predators in ecosystems. Paine’s research helped support an idea … Continue reading

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Survival Guide: Army Cutworm Moth Edition

Army Cutworm Moths (Euxoa auxiliaries), like a lot of insects, are very proficient reproducers. In fact, individual females can settle into the soil and oviposit, or lay, anywhere from 1000 to 3000 eggs (Burton et al. 1980). This release of … Continue reading

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